Bible Story Crossword

    “Bible Story Crossword,” Friend, May 1972, 26

    Bible Story Crossword

    The Lord told (9 across) that He was going to send a (3 down) to cover the earth because the people were so wicked. He commanded Noah to build a great (1 across) and to put (18 down) of every creature (8 across) it. Noah also (17 across) food in it. Perhaps he took oats and (14 down) for the animals to eat. Then he took his (13 across) wife and his (16 across) and their wives into the ark. When the birds and (4 across) had been put inside, the door (6 down) windows were (12 across). The (2 down) fell for forty days and forty (5 down). Water covered the whole earth. All the people were destroyed because they would not (10 down) when Noah told them to repent. The ark sailed for many days. At last Noah sent out a (11 across) to see if the land were (15 across). When it came back with a leaf in its mouth, the members of Noah’s family were happy they had been (7 down).