We Can Spread the Light of the Gospel

“We Can Spread the Light of the Gospel,” Ensign, April 2020

Young Adults

We Can Spread the Light of the Gospel

General Conference, April 2013

Photograph taken at the Conference Center during April 2013 general conference by Weston C. Colton

Young adulthood is a time for growth, opportunities, and a chance to begin building your life. And that can be overwhelming, exciting, and scary all at the same time (it definitely has been for us).

But while we may not know the answers to all of life’s questions, there is one thing we are certain of—that young adults have always been a crucial force in the ongoing Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.

In planning this section, we spoke with many young adults about their participation in gathering Israel. And we have been humbled by their sincere dedication to the gospel of Jesus Christ. These young Saints understand the vital role they have in this final dispensation. On page 70, you can read how young adults are preparing the world for the Savior’s Second Coming. And on page 76, you can find comfort in realizing you can figure out how to organize the “chaos” in your life one step at a time.

In digital-only articles, young adults give insight on their experiences with temple service, leadership, following the prophet’s counsel, ministering, family history, missionary work, and realizing the power of our limitless potential.

Whatever your circumstances may be, you can make more of a difference in the gathering of Israel than you might think. As young adults, we are the future leaders of this Church. And the spark of our efforts today will ignite and spread the light of the gospel throughout the world tomorrow.


Chakell Wardleigh and Mindy Selu

Church Magazines Young Adult Section Editors