Improving Our Temple Experience

“Improving Our Temple Experience,” Ensign, April 2020, 62–63

Improving Our Temple Experience

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Photograph of Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple by Cody Bell

“The crowning jewel of the Restoration is the holy temple. Its sacred ordinances and covenants are pivotal to preparing a people who are ready to welcome the Savior at His Second Coming.”1

From time to time, the First Presidency has made adjustments to temple ceremonies and procedures in order to improve the temple experience for members and help all who enter to feel a closer connection to God within these sacred spaces.

As part of the temple experience, members put on ceremonial clothing with doctrinal and symbolic significance that can be traced back to temple worship in the Old Testament (see Exodus 28 and Leviticus 8).

Some adjustments have been made to temple ceremonial clothing. These adjustments don’t reflect changes to temple symbolism or doctrine but are intended to make the temple experience more simple, comfortable, and accessible by making the clothing easier to put on, care for, and afford.

Some of these adjustments include:

  • A simpler design for the veil and robe.

  • Removing the plastic insert from the cap and the tie from the cap and veil.

  • Using a more durable material that is the same for the robes, cap, and sash, which helps them last longer and makes them easier to care for.

We hope these adjustments will help improve this sacred experience for you as you make temple worship a regular part of your life.