200 Years of Light

“200 Years of Light,” Ensign, April 2020

200 Years of Light

The Desires of My Heart (First Vision), Walter Rane, 16x20

The Desires of My Heart (First Vision), by Walter Rane

On a beautiful, clear day 200 years ago, a young man entered a grove of trees with the intention of seeking forgiveness and praying about which church was right, that he might know which he should join. From a miraculous vision, he learned that he should join none of them. Thus marked the beginning of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ—a process that continues in our day.

In this issue, we celebrate 200 years of light:

  • President Russell M. Nelson teaches how gathering Israel on both sides of the veil can prepare us and others for the Lord’s Second Coming (page 12).

  • Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. shows how Latter-day Saints have contributed to the ongoing Restoration—and how each of us can contribute (page 20).

  • Young adults share their thoughts about making a difference in the work of this final dispensation (page 70).

As we learn from the words of our prophet and the stories of faithful Saints, may we come to the same knowledge the Prophet Joseph did 200 years ago: that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are real, living beings who love us. And let us share that knowledge with our friends and neighbors.


Elder Randy D. Funk of the Seventy

Editor of Church Magazines