Luke 12–17; John 11
May 2019

Come, Follow Me: New Testament—Support Articles and Activities

May 6–12

Luke 12–17; John 11

“Rejoice with Me; for I Have Found My Sheep Which Was Lost”

Lazarus being raised from the dead by Jesus

After you’ve studied the scripture passages for this week and reviewed the questions and activities in the manual, consider sharing any of the following articles and activities with your family. These additional resources selected by the Ensign staff can assist you as you strive to teach the gospel in your home.

Luke 15

Searching After the Lost

Luke 15 features three parables in which Jesus taught the value of seeking out those who are lost.



Luke 17:11–19

Gratitude in All Things

After Jesus healed ten lepers, only one of them returned to give him thanks. What are the blessings of making gratitude a way of life?


  • Grateful in Any Circumstances.” Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches how gratitude can help us find hope in our trials. (From general conference.)

  • Gratitude: A Path to Happiness.” In this general conference address, Sister Bonnie D. Parkin, former Relief Society General President, reminds us that “gratitude requires awareness and effort” but that it also “opens our minds to … the richness of a living God.”


  • Give Thanks for Everything.” Read a brief article from President Thomas S. Monson (1927–2018) on how gratitude can help us be happy. Then go on a “thankful hunt” with your family to find things you are grateful for. (From the Friend.)

  • Choose Gratitude,” by Kimberly Smith. Invite family members to take this quiz from the New Era to find out how well they show gratitude. Talk together about ways to show more gratitude to family, friends, and Heavenly Father.

  • The 10th Leper.” Watch this video clip in which President M. Russell Ballard talks with seminary students about lessons from the story of the ten lepers.

  • Nine Lepers and a Thank-You Note,” by Jane McBride Choate. As you read this story from the Friend, you might be inspired to think of someone you can reach out to in gratitude.

John 11:1–46

Raising of Lazarus

The raising of Lazarus was a dramatic witness of the Savior’s power over death, a power He would demonstrate most powerfully at His Resurrection.


  • The Lord Has Not Forgotten You.” In this general conference address, Linda S. Reeves, former Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, explains how the story of Lazarus demonstrates the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for each of us.

  • Resurrection.” The miracle of the raising of Lazarus points to the ultimate miracle of the Savior’s Resurrection and our own eventual resurrection. In this general conference talk, President Dallin H. Oaks asks us to reflect on the significance of the Resurrection and how it can change our perspective on mortality.


  • Jesus Christ Brings Lazarus Back to Life,” by Jean Bingham, now Relief Society General President. This article from the Friend retells the story of Lazarus in simple terms and offers several activity ideas to make the story meaningful for families. Cutout figures are available here for use in telling the story to children.

  • The Lesson of Lazarus,” by Denise Tucker. Read this poem from the Ensign together as a family and talk about the additional meaning it suggests for the story of Lazarus.