Conference Story Index
May 2019

Conference Story Index

The following list of selected experiences related during general conference can be used in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. The number refers to the first page of the talk.

Neil L. Andersen(34) A man with same-sex attraction remains true to his covenants. A woman who never married focuses on service.

D. Todd Christofferson(81) Youth in Italy show President Russell M. Nelson temple cards prepared for their ancestors.

Carl B. Cook(51) A “Band of Brothers” who strengthen and help convert each other in Botswana bless countless lives through missionary service. Priesthood quorums rally around and bless young Carl B. Cook.

Quentin L. Cook(76) An invitation from President Gordon B. Hinckley helps lead Elder O. Vincent Haleck’s father to baptism.

Becky Craven(9) An eyewitness complains that a train engineer did not try to swerve before his train hit a car stuck on the tracks.

Sharon Eubank(73) Outdoor night-lights fail to come on at the Salt Lake Temple. A dream gives Sharon Eubank desires to increase her faith.

Gerrit W. Gong(97) After feeling compassion for a shoplifter, a friend of Gerrit W. Gong begins to understand Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

Brook P. Hales(11) Two sons of Brook P. Hales learn that God, in answering prayers, knows the end from the beginning. “This too shall pass” becomes the motto of a faithful woman who accepts her blindness.

Mathias Held(31) Mathias and Irene Held join the Church after discerning the truth through study and the Spirit.

David P. Homer(41) While a passenger on a small plane, David P. Homer learns the importance of listening to the right voice. David P. Homer and his wife learn that answers to prayer can come slowly. The brother of David P. Homer endures to the end despite adversity.

Kyle S. McKay(105) A woman struggling with drug abuse and a mother whose son dies in an accident are comforted and sustained by the Great Deliverer.

Russell M. Nelson(67) A mother and her daughters compete with sports and games for the attention of the men in their family.

(88) Russell M. Nelson and his daughter Wendy talk “of things that matter most” during their “farewell daddy-daughter conversation.” A police officer helping people escape from a wildfire wonders, “Where is my family?” A friend of Russell M. Nelson refuses to make changes to qualify for gospel blessings.

Dallin H. Oaks(60) College students watching a dog sneak up on a squirrel fail to ask, “Where will this lead?” A Colombian couple’s five-day and five-night bus ride to marry in the temple changes how they feel about temple marriage and the gospel.

Dale G. Renlund(70) A “first clunky prayer” helps a less-active member feel an impression at church that “this is My house.”

Ulisses Soares(6) A single mother instills the blessings of the gospel in the hearts of her children.

Gary E. Stevenson(47) As a priest in high school, a future Apostle refuses to see an inappropriate movie, giving courage to a friend.

Juan Pablo Villar(95) After spending a day proselyting with his missionary brother, Juan Pablo Villar decides to get baptized and serve a mission.

Takashi Wada(38) The mother of Takashi Wada joins the Church after the Lord touches her heart through a boy’s kind act.

W. Christopher Waddell(19) Thanks to ministering efforts from family and friends, the brother of W. Christopher Waddell reembraces the gospel shortly before his death.