Light the World—Give as He Gave
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Light the World—Give as He Gave

Once again, popular program will emphasize service, with a new theme each week.

Light The World Vending Machine

“Light the World” vending machines, which allow people to give something instead of get something, will be featured again this year in a number of locations.

Beginning with a worldwide day of service on December 1, 2018, this year’s “Light the World” campaign will feature four weekly themes and videos—light the world, light your community, light your family, and light your faith.

This will mark the third consecutive year for the event, which encourages Latter-day Saints and others worldwide to do simple acts of service throughout the holiday season. This year’s theme, “Light the World—Give as He Gave,” is based on President Russell M. Nelson’s call to minister in new and holier ways.

“The emphasis is not so much about asking ‘How can I serve?’ as much as ‘Whom can I serve?’” said Greg Droubay, a senior manager in the Missionary Department of the Church.

Giving machines—vending machines that allow people to use credit cards to immediately donate to charities by purchasing representations of items like socks, an eye exam, clean water, or even a goat or a chicken—will again be featured. The donations and money used to purchase them are then distributed to charities who partner with the Church. This year the machines will be located in London, England; Manila, Philippines, and the following places in the United States: Salt Lake City, Utah; Gilbert, Arizona; and Manhattan, New York.

On December 23 (which happens to be Joseph Smith’s birthday), members and missionaries are encouraged to invite family and friends to attend a Christ-centered sacrament meeting.