Site Helps Address Impact of Pornography
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Site Helps Address Impact of Pornography

New approach answers specific questions of individuals, spouses, parents, and leaders.

Family life

A new Church website provides hope, help, and healing for those wishing to address the impact of pornography on individuals, spouses, and families.

While the Church has previously published various resources for overcoming pornography, AddressingPornography.lds.org represents a new approach, answering specific questions from individuals, spouses, parents, and leaders. The site includes stories from real people, explanations from qualified therapists and experts, and inspiring guidance from members of the First Presidency and other Church leaders.

AddressingPornography.lds.org provides information and support for:

  • Spouses of pornography users who experience the impact of their spouse’s pornography use and are seeking guidance.

  • Parents who want to protect their children from exposure to pornography or support their recovery from pornography addiction.

  • Individuals who have developed pornography habits they wish to overcome.

  • Leaders looking for guidance and support to better minister to those in their care.

The site focuses on principles of change that have helped others move away from pornography or respond to the challenges that come with being the spouse of a pornography user.

“As we act in accordance with the teachings of Christ, the power of the Spirit comes into our lives to do and become what we could never otherwise do or become,” said Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “There is hope, through the Savior, for us to be clean and to again have a brightness of hope.”