New Era Connection
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New Era Connection,” Ensign, October 2018

New Era Connection

The New Era magazine is there for your teens—and for you. See how this month’s issue can help you talk with them and teach them.

Learning to Live by the Spirit

This month’s New Era contains articles that help youth understand how to be led by the Spirit in their learning and living:

  • Learning in the Lord’s Way. Elder David A. Bednar teaches how to invite the Holy Ghost to be the teacher and follow the Lord’s patterns for learning (page 2).

  • My Quarterback Question. Elder S. Gifford Nielsen talks about how he made big decisions by asking God, receiving His direction, and trusting Him (page 18).

  • Lost in the Forbidden City. See how a young woman was guided by the Spirit after getting lost in an unfamiliar place (page 16).

Talk with Them

Here are some questions you might ask:

  • In your experience, how do you feel the Holy Ghost speaks to you? Have you noticed any patterns in your life when it comes to being guided or taught by the Spirit?

  • How can you show Heavenly Father that you trust Him and the spiritual guidance He gives you?

  • Will you tell about an experience you’ve had when you obeyed a prompting from the Holy Ghost?

Teach Them

In family home evening or other teaching settings, consider using something you saw in the New Era. For instance:

  • Read “The Battle for Your Agency” (page 6), and talk about how consistently making good choices has helped you experience true freedom. Invite youth to share similar experiences.

  • Read “Really Seeing the Gospel” (page 24), and share how the Lord has helped you or others you know to see beyond your limitations and grow in the gospel.

  • Read “Paths That Prepare You for Your Future” (page 32), and talk about the things that helped lead you down the path to your future. Invite youth to check out “Discovering Your Path” on page 35 to learn more about their own possible paths.