New Gospel Library Section for Young Adults
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New Gospel Library Section for Young Adults

YA Weekly is updated regularly with material written by young adults from all around the world.

Young Adults

The Gospel Library app now features material specifically for young adults, in a section called YA Weekly.

Question: Where can you find gospel content for young adults? Answer: The Gospel Library app has added a new content section aimed specifically at young adults.

The section, known as YA Weekly, is updated each week with new content, available in 20-plus languages. Young adults from all around the world, as well as young adults on the Church magazines team, contribute to the site. Church leaders or experts on topics relevant to young adults also contribute.

YA Weekly covers a variety of topics of interest to all young adults, regardless of their marital status, including:

  • Seeking personal revelation

  • Making decisions

  • Understanding temple covenants

  • Maintaining mental and emotional health

  • Family planning and parenting

  • Returning early from a mission

  • Perfectionism

  • Body image

  • Overcoming adversity

Contributors and editors say the site shows young adults that they are valued, that there is Church material specifically for them, and that YA Weekly provides an opportunity to share experiences, concerns, faith, and spiritual growth with each other during an important decade of decisions. It enables young adults to feel solidarity with other young adults throughout the Church and to flourish as they grow together in the Light of Christ.