President Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901)
December 2011

“President Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901)” Ensign, Dec. 2011, 72

Great Lives Remembered

President Lorenzo Snow (1814–1901)

Though he later became the fifth President of the Church, Lorenzo Snow had little interest in being baptized until his sister, Eliza, invited him to attend Hebrew classes at the School of the Prophets in Kirtland, Ohio. Also attending the school were Joseph Smith and other Church leaders. Lorenzo soon became interested in the gospel and joined the Church on June 19, 1836. Elder Snow then served missions to Italy, the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii), and Great Britain, where he presented a copy of the Book of Mormon to Queen Victoria.

Elder Snow possessed remarkable gifts that he used to serve the Lord. In his patriarchal blessing he was promised that although he would live to an old age, he would not feel the effects of aging. His vitality allowed him to remain active in his later years as an apostle and a prophet. He also used the priesthood to raise several people from the dead.

While in St. George for a stake conference, President Snow received a revelation in which the Lord reaffirmed that Church members should pay an honest tithing. President Snow felt so strongly about this inspired direction that despite his advanced age he vigorously taught the commandment in the stakes all that summer. He also asked the Quorum of the Twelve to teach the doctrine of full tithing payment at every opportunity. Over time, the Saints responded, eventually saving the Church from a crushing burden of debt.

Top: Portrait of Lorenzo Snow in about 1865. Middle: President Snow (middle) with his counselors in the First Presidency, George Q. Cannon (left) and Joseph F. Smith (right) in 1900. Bottom: Latter-day Saints were blessed with rain for their crops after heeding President Snow’s counsel to pay tithing.