Volunteers Can Build Church Media Library Online
December 2011

“Volunteers Can Build Church Media Library Online,” Ensign, Dec. 2011, 76

Volunteers Can Help Build Church Media Library Online

Create.lds.org, recently launched on LDS.org, details the current media needs of the Church—as well as announces contests or casting opportunities—and invites members to share their talents to fill those Church media needs.

The photo, video, audio, and music sections of the Create site are ready to explore. The other sections (design and scripts) will be completed in the coming months.

The new create.LDS.org website is a companion to the recently launched volunteer site, vineyard.LDS.org.

When there is an immediate need for media materials, details for the project are listed on the Create website. “A member out there can take the photo we need and submit it through the Vineyard,” said Scott Olson, product manager of member engagement. “This way we don’t have to send someone from here to Africa to take a picture. Someone there can take it and submit it.”

The purpose of the site, said Marianne Jennings, associate producer in the Media Services Department, is to provide a repository of content that serves as an alternative to a general web search for materials. “We are creating a safe place to go and find good content to help members share the gospel,” she said.

The new online LDS Media Library will be available for general Church membership to use in teaching in the home and performing their callings. They will also use it for personal blogs, websites, and other places where they would like to share gospel messages. Content could also be used in official Church publications and materials.

Online tutorials for aspiring photographers teach how to take useable pictures with good lighting and framing. They also include other helpful hints and standards for shooting photos and video.

Content submitted through Create is directed to and uploaded into the Vineyard. Materials that are accepted are relayed to other member volunteers to edit and tag. Finished materials will then be placed in the LDS Media Library and made available for use.

“This is a way for members to get involved,” said Ashton Smith, associate producer in the Media Services Department. “There are photo galleries, spotlights, and a photo of the week—volunteers are not just throwing stuff over a wall and not getting anything back. They are engaging with members and seeing what others are doing.”

At create.LDS.org, members of the Church can now submit videos, music, and testimonies for the Church and other members to use.