In Other Church Magazines
December 2011

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Dec. 2011, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

Bringing a Friend to Church

Two sets of friends in Kansas City became united in the gospel when one friend was not afraid to talk to the other about the Church. The welcome the friends felt at church motivated them to learn more. Read their story in “The Power of a Friend” on page 10.

New Christmas Song

Need a new Christmas song for your family to learn this season? Turn to “Softly Falls the Evening Light” on page 14 for a new song by Janice Kapp Perry.

Singing of the Savior’s Birth

In “Finding a Message in the Music” on page 24, a youth group reports on the profound experiences they had while putting on the musical Savior of the World.They found that acting and singing of the Savior’s birth added to their testimonies and helped them better understand the special season of His birth.

The Friend

Memorizing the Articles of Faith

Have your children been learning the Articles of Faith this year? Help them memorize the thirteenth article of faith by completing the activity on page 23 of the December Friend. Use the Articles of Faith poster on page 22 to review each of the articles with your children. Visit lds.org/friend with your children and play “Articles of Faith Memory Quest” for more help.

Temple Cards

Find temple cards on page 11 for nine recently dedicated temples. Print these cards at lds.org/friend/2011. Find previous temple cards in September 2007, April 2005, and all 2002 issues of the magazine.