On the Web
December 2011

“On the Web,” Ensign, Dec. 2011, 78

On the Web

Leadership Training Available as Video Library

The Priesthood Department has announced an interactive supplement to the updated Handbook 2: Administering the Church. The Leadership Training Library is an online collection of short training videos that highlight the principles taught in the manual. The new resource is available now at leadershiplibrary.lds.org.

The library is initially available in English. Portions of the library will also be provided in 10 additional languages in early 2012.

Book of Mormon Videos Updated

Updated Book of Mormon Stories videos are now available in English at the scripture stories section of LDS.org. The videos will be made available in 10 additional languages later this month, in time for 2012’s Gospel Doctrine curriculum focused on the Book of Mormon.

Originally available online as slideshows, the once two-dimensional images were given a new, three-dimensional look using a technique called parallax animation. The videos also feature sound effects and an original soundtrack.

In addition to being on lds.org, the videos are also available as podcasts on iTunes and as clips on YouTube and Roku.