In Other Church Magazines

    “In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Mar. 2010, 79

    In Other Church Magazines

    The Friend

    Follow the Prophet

    Ever notice how Primary children usually sing the chorus of “Follow the Prophet” louder than the verses? If your children have a hard time remembering the words to this song, see pages 24 and 25. Here you will find ideas to help you teach children the words to the song.

    Temple Open Houses

    Thousands of children have been able to attend a temple open house. Those children who have not yet had this opportunity can learn more about what an open house is like by reading pages 18 and 19.

    The New Era

    Dealing with Bullies

    A young boy tells about getting the best of a bully by turning her into a friend. Read “Getting the Best of the Bully,” by Douglas M. Brown, on page 38.

    Getting Answers

    Get some straight-forward answers about the difference between fasting and going without food plus understanding why people are anointed with oil when receiving a priesthood blessing. Read “To the Point,” on page 40.