Follow the Prophet
March 2010

“Follow the Prophet,” Friend, Mar. 2010, 24–25

Follow the Prophet

Here are some suggestions for teaching this Primary song: Cut out the word cards and place them facing up on a table. Have the first player close his or her eyes and point to the prophet pictures. Whichever prophet is chosen, have the person choose the three word cards that relate to that prophet. Then sing that verse of the song as a family.

Write the words on pieces of paper and display them on the board. After a child has chosen a prophet, have three children go to the board and choose a related word. Have them hold the words in order while the Primary sings the verse.

word cards



We are his descendants


No sin

Heavenly Father took them up


Preached in vain


Prayed to have a son


Twelve tribes

Promised land


Forty years



“Here I am!”

Run away

Listen and obey


Refused to sin

Lion’s den


Follow the Prophet verses

Adam and Eve © 1998 Lonni Clarke; Abraham Taking Isaac to Be Sacrificed by Del Parson, © 1981 IRI; Jonah on the Beach at Nineveh © 2002 Daniel Lewis; City of Zion Translated by Del Parson, © 1982 IRI; Moses and the Tablets by Jerry Harston, © IRI; Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Clark Kelly Price, © IRI; Noah’s Preaching Scorned by Harry Anderson, © IRI; Vision of the Boy Samuel by W. H. Margetson, courtesy Church History Museum; Thomas S. Monson by David William Newman, © IRI

1. Adam was a prophet, first one that we know.

In a place called Eden, he helped things to grow.

Adam served the Lord by following his ways.

We are his descendants in the latter days.

2. Enoch was a prophet; he taught what was good.

People in his city did just what they should.

When they were so righteous that there was no sin,

Heav’nly Father took them up to live with him.

3. Noah was a prophet called to preach the word,

Tried to cry repentance, but nobody heard.

They were busy sinning—Noah preached in vain.

They wished they had listened when they saw the rain.

4. Abraham the prophet prayed to have a son,

So the Lord sent Isaac as the chosen one.

Isaac begat Jacob, known as Israel;

Jacob’s sons were twelve tribes, so the Bible tells.

5. Moses was a prophet sent to Israel.

He would lead them to the promised land to dwell.

They were slow to follow, or so it appears.

They were in the wilderness for forty years.

6. Samuel was a prophet chosen as a boy.

Hannah promised God her son would serve with joy.

In the tabernacle, Samuel heard his name;

He was called by God and answered, “Here I am!”

7. Jonah was a prophet, tried to run away,

But he later learned to listen and obey.

When we really try, the Lord won’t let us fail:

That’s what Jonah learned deep down inside the whale.

8. Daniel was a prophet. He refused to sin;

So the king threw Daniel in the lion’s den.

Angels calmed the lions, and the king soon saw

Daniel’s pow’r was great, for he obeyed God’s law.

9. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return.

He blesses us with prophets who help us to learn.

President Monson humbly leads God’s Church today.

As we heed his words, we’ll walk a righteous way.