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“Bulletin Board,” Friend, Mar. 2010, 12–13

Bulletin Board

Scripture Marking

Marking your scriptures can help you remember favorite verses or stories that are important to you. Before you begin, here are a few hints that can help you decide how to mark your scriptures.

Keep it simple. Too many marks can be busy and confusing.

Use the right tools. Colored pencils work best. Use gentle pressure when marking so the paper will not tear.

Use a ruler. A ruler is helpful for keeping lines straight.

There are many ways to mark your scriptures. Try using or combining some of these:

  • Underlining

  • Circling key words

  • Boxing

  • Circling verses

  • Shading the scripture

Using different colors of pencils or markers can keep ideas organized.

RED: Words that show love

YELLOW: Words about Jesus Christ

BLUE: Names of people

GREEN: Commandments, or things we should do

ORANGE: Words that give comfort

Journal Junction

Take some time this month to read a few of your favorite scriptures. Then write in your journal about why they are important to you.

Decorating Scripture Pencils

You will need:

Colored pencils

Double-sided transparent tape

Colored string

Small beads (optional)

Wrap a piece of tape around the pencil. Press the end of the string to the tape and wrap the string tightly around the pencil on top of the tape. Add more tape and string as desired. If you want, leave the end of the string longer, hang small beads on it, and tie a knot at the end.

Try these fun variations:

Use two or three colors of string.

Tie a knot or bow between the string color change.

String a few beads on the string as you wrap it around the pencil.

Illustrations by Mark Thompson and Brad Teare