“Comments,” Ensign, Mar. 2010, 79


Thanks for article

I deeply appreciate the article you published entitled “The Best Thing I Can Do for Leigh.” The feelings expressed are the exact feelings and emotions I have for my beautiful, talented, caring daughter. So many articles written on this subject have left me comfortless. The thoughts expressed in this article are Christlike—for we are taught Christ is no respecter of persons.

I hope this message encourages families to extend unconditional love to all of their children.

Name withheld

Nutrition warning

I read with interest the article “Adequate Nutrition During an Emergency.” As a grandmother with two grandchildren with peanut allergies I was concerned about the following statement: “If you have peanut allergies, you could substitute it [peanut butter] with another nut butter or small bag of nuts.” Many people who are allergic to peanuts also have allergies to tree nuts and some seeds such as sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Before substituting another nut or nut butter for peanut butter, people should know if they have allergies to tree nuts as well. This could prevent serious problems that might occur.

Sister Judy Brewster

Nebraska Omaha Mission