São Paulo Brazil Temple
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“São Paulo Brazil Temple,” Ensign, Mar. 2010, 71

Temple Spotlight

São Paulo Brazil Temple

Dedicated in 1978 by President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985), the São Paulo Brazil Temple was the first temple built in South America. It was financed in part by the contributions of local members, many of whom did not have money to give. Instead they offered wedding rings, bracelets, medals, and other valuable personal objects.

The temple is a modern, single-spire design. Its foundations are strong enough to sustain another 13 stories, making the structure virtually earthquake proof.

The exterior was constructed of reinforced concrete faced with cast stone composed of quartz and marble aggregates. There are 3,000 exterior panels of 400 different sizes and shapes, fit perfectly in specific places on the temple walls because the space between panels could be no more than one millimeter.

In 2004 the temple was rededicated following renovations, which included placing a figure of the angel Moroni atop the previously unadorned spire.