“Comment,” Ensign, August 2009, 80


Excited About Conference

We gained so many wonderful ideas from “Preparing Our Children for General Conference” in the March 2009 Ensign (p. 23). Our children were excited to listen to conference and listened more intently than ever before. We are now reading the conference talks during family home evening as the article also suggested and have had more attentiveness and willingness to participate than at any other time. Thank you so much for these great suggestions.

Nancy Nichols

Utah, USA

A Thoughtful Article

I experienced a miracle as I turned to page 68 of the April Ensign. I had always thought that you really didn’t have much control over the thoughts that come to your mind. As years went by, bad thoughts seemed to trouble me more and more. I prayed earnestly, but the thoughts didn’t go away. I figured I must be a bad person, even though I read my scriptures regularly and served in the Church. When I read the article “Think About What You Are Thinking About,” I felt my prayers were being answered by every word. I feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I know now how you can change your thoughts. Thank you!

Name Withheld

Addiction Recovery

I was so grateful to see the wonderful article, “Addiction Recovery: Healing One Step at a Time,” in the June 2009 Ensign (p. 60).

I am the facilitator for one of the addiction recovery groups here in Santa Rosa, California. We find many people do not respond to the word addict and do not believe this program is for them. Your covering the wide scope of the addiction recovery program will perhaps help them open their hearts to trying the program, leading to the healing of themselves and their families.


California, USA