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“Contents,” Ensign, August 2009, 1–3


August 2009 Volume 39 • Number 8

On the Cover

Front: Photo illustration by David Stoker. Back: Scene from the Church film The Restoration; photo illustration by Matthew Reier.

Using This Issue

The right amount of media. Pages 44–51 talk about the influence of media. Although many kinds of media are useful, overusing technological devices can result in distraction from essential spiritual messages. Consider reviewing these articles as a family and discussing ways to maintain proper balance and priorities.

The power of prayer. President Henry B. Eyring’s “That He May Write upon Our Hearts” and Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi’s “Opening the Heavens” both talk about the powerful influence that meaningful prayer can have in our lives. As you read these articles, think about how you feel when you pray “with real intent” (Moroni 7:9; 10:4).

Gospel-based information about mental health. The article starting on p. 62 offers help to women suffering from postpartum depression. The Church offers resources to meet many social and emotional challenges. Visit and