Fast Day

    “Fast Day,” Ensign, August 2009, 39

    Fast Day

    I hunger, Lord, and sense my need,

    Yet not for want of bread alone.

    Upon the Bread of Life I’d feed

    And shun the tempter’s loaves of stone

    While wandering through this wilderness

    Where none but Thee fills emptiness.

    I thirst, dear God, and parched, I seek

    For water from Thy cooling well,

    A living drink that quenches deep.

    Thy fountain must my drought dispel

    Lest in an arid world I die

    My deepest thirst unsatisfied.

    I faint, O Lord, and feel the lack

    Of nourishment for my weak flesh.

    My weak spirit too grows slack.

    Thy power must my strength refresh

    While in this desert I endure

    The tempter’s wiles and sin’s allure.

    I’ve lifted up my prayers to Thee;

    With hungry souls I’ve shared my bread.

    Hear, then, my cry, my heartfelt plea.

    Say, “Here am I!” Upon me shed

    Thy light to guide my pathless way

    And make my darkness as noonday.

    Landscape photograph by Alan Bailey © Rubberball Productions; photograph of plate © Getty Images