Family Home Evening Helps: A Quiz for Couples

    “Family Home Evening Helps: A Quiz for Couples,” Ensign, Jan. 2007, 75

    Family Home Evening Helps:

    A Quiz for Couples

    “What is your favorite gospel topic or scripture story?” “Your favorite hymn?” My husband and I tuned in to one another during family night to find out. Some of the answers to these and additional questions were very touching as we discovered more about our spiritual feelings and experiences. Since we have an infant, we enjoyed this activity just as a couple, but it could be easily adapted for an entire family. We simply wrote questions, such as the following, on slips of paper that we placed in a bowl. Then we took turns answering them and in many cases elaborated on why something was so meaningful to us.

    Sample Questions

    • Why do you like to attend the temple?

    • How did you feel when you baptized someone on your mission?

    • Describe a time when your prayers were answered.

    • What do you remember most about the day we were sealed in the temple?

    • Talk about a time when you felt discouraged but were then comforted by the Spirit.

    • When have you felt prompted by the Spirit to do or not do something?

    Brooke Bergin, Utah

    Illustration by Beth Whittaker