Missionary Preparation by Mail

    “Missionary Preparation by Mail,” Ensign, Jan. 2007, 80

    Missionary Preparation by Mail

    The March 2007 New Era focuses on missionary preparation. A similar issue in 2000 was so well received it went into extra printings. Now it’s time to update and give another group of future missionaries and their parents a useful new tool for mission preparation.

    Included in the March New Era are messages from President Gordon B. Hinckley, President Thomas S. Monson, and other General Authorities; glimpses into life in the MTC and in the mission field; helps in preparing for the temple; and an overview of the mission call process.

    If you are a parent or leader of prospective missionaries, you may find it helpful to be familiar with the contents of this special issue and may want to ensure that each young person has a copy.

    In the United States and Canada, subscriptions or individual copies of the New Era can be ordered by phone at 1-800-537-5971 or online at www.ldscatalog.com. Those living outside of the U.S. and Canada should contact their local Church magazines representative or a member of their bishopric or branch presidency for information on how to subscribe.