Chatting with Your Children

    “Chatting with Your Children,” Ensign, Jan. 2007, 74–75

    Chatting with Your Children

    It didn’t take me long to learn that vague questions elicit vague answers from my children. So instead of asking the standard question, “How was your day at school?” and hearing the usual answer, “Good,” I started to ask more specific questions. The result? My children were actually eager to talk about things they had experienced or seen. These visits became a regular habit after school or following activities when I couldn’t be with them. To start some great conversations with your children, try asking questions such as the following, which show you really care and want to know how and what they’re doing:

    • What was something good that happened today?

    • Did anything bad happen?

    • What did you learn?

    • Did you see or hear anything that you have questions or concerns about?

    Stacey Taylor, Illinois