Young Women Web Site Redesigned

    “Young Women Web Site Redesigned,” Ensign, Jan. 2007, 79

    Young Women Web Site Redesigned

    The entire Young Women Web site has been updated. In addition to new and easier navigation and shortcut links, the site includes many new materials, such as youth leadership training resources, help with Mutual planning, an interactive guide to help young women with Personal Progress, and much more.

    Sister Elaine S. Dalton, second counselor in the Young Women general presidency, said Internet tools such as this new Web site benefit each individual young woman.

    “We must never forget that the individual young woman is what this is all about,” Sister Dalton said. “It is not about programs but individual people. The Internet site puts tools at our fingertips to use to bless and teach and touch individual young women. As a presidency we are desirous that this tool will assist parents and leaders in their callings to increase faith and testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and to strengthen families.”

    Sue Groesbeck, Young Women general board member, said the Young Women general presidency has worked on this project for three years. The new content will benefit those called to serve young women.

    “New sidebar topics and shortcuts were added in an effort to provide a home for every aspect of the Young Women program,” Sister Groesbeck said. “Our hope is that a Young Women leader can come to the site with any question and get some kind of help.”

    New topics include Camp; Preparing Youth to Lead; Resources, Videos, and Music; Retaining Young Women in Activity; and Role of Young Women Leaders.

    Sister Groesbeck said the Internet helps reach all Young Women leaders across the globe.

    “We can’t get to them all, but many of them can get to the Internet,” she said. “We are confident that if leaders will spend some time exploring the site, it will answer important questions about how the program can bless lives. As they stay within the guidelines, they can then receive personal revelation on how to customize the Young Women program to meet the needs of their young women.”

    Leaders will also benefit from additional helps added to the site, such as ways to improve Sunday lessons, planning youth conferences, and ideas for teaching and using the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. The Young Women Web site may be found in the “Serving in the Church” section of

    The updated Young Women Web site makes navigation easier and offers new resources for leaders.