Sharing Family History
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“Sharing Family History,” Ensign, July 2005, 72–73

Sharing Family History

I joined the Church more than 30 years ago, but to date only immediate family members have also been baptized. My extended family provides me with many missionary opportunities, and the most well-received approach has involved family history. Here are two ideas that I have found helpful:

Scrapbooks. After I married, I showed my extended family our wedding album. It proved to be a useful tool for sharing my beliefs about the importance of temple marriage. One family member commented, “I like the phrase ‘for time and all eternity.’” Sharing photo journals that highlight milestones such as baptisms and missions is a way to share beliefs. You might send duplicate pictures or an annual family letter with the photos to extended family members.

Family history information. At family reunions, ask who is also doing research and offer to share findings. Suggest using a family history center in their area or offer personal assistance. If you have a laptop computer, show them how they can organize their records on Personal Ancestral File. Even without a laptop, you can still tell them about this and other free resources at www.familysearch.org.

Alison Affeltranger, Sego Lily Ward, Sandy Utah Granite South Stake