Scripture Study with an Ancestor
July 2005

“Scripture Study with an Ancestor,” Ensign, July 2005, 73

Scripture Study with an Ancestor

If you are fortunate enough to inherit a family Bible that belonged to your ancestors, look for any scriptures they may have marked. My paternal grandfather loved writing small notations in the margins: “I have finished the N.T. This is the 5th time I have read the N.T.” Sometimes he counseled his sons: “So read it, my sons. It will give life and joy to you.” Reading his notes has prompted me to do the same in my own set of scriptures.

Of course, some family Bibles contain valuable family history information or other mementos, such as antique bookmarkers, a favorite poem, or photos. So don’t let an old family Bible continue to collect dust on an unforgotten shelf. Peruse its pages to discover treasured information for your family today.

Marlene Cameron Thomas, Pellissippi Ward, Knoxville Tennessee Stake