Family Home Evening Times Two
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“Family Home Evening Times Two,” Ensign, Apr. 2004, 73

Family Home Evening Times Two

With preschool-age children, our family home evening lessons tend to be basic—and brief. As a couple, we found ourselves yearning to spend more time discussing gospel principles. As a result, we decided to hold another, less formal, parents’ family home evening after our children are in bed. Sometimes our discussion continues from what we have just taught our children. Other times we use the following ideas:

  • Select an article from a Church magazine or a passage from individual scripture study to read and discuss.

  • Read the Sunday School study assignments together.

  • If one of us is teaching Sunday lessons, we often discuss an upcoming lesson together or share something from a lesson already taught.

  • Read selections from Teachings of the Living Prophets, especially the chapters assigned for upcoming Relief Society and priesthood lessons.

  • Discuss general conference talks.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles has said, “It is a striking fact that the family home evening is the ideal time to accomplish almost every type of family togetherness” (“Parental Leadership in the Family,” Ensign, June 1985, 11). We find that by extending our family home evening, we keep that special feeling of togetherness in our home. We enjoy the extra time, and the right spirit, to discuss any concerns we might have about our children or any goals we want to achieve.

Kristen J. Gough, Westchester Second Ward, Westchester New York Stake

Illustrated by Beth Whittaker