2004 Church Pageant Schedule
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“2004 Church Pageant Schedule,” Ensign, Apr. 2004, 79

2004 Church Pageant Schedule




Jesus the Christ

Mesa, Arizona

1–3 April (Spanish);
6–10 April (English)

Mormon Miracle

Manti, Utah

17–19, 22–26 June

America’s Witness for Christ

Palmyra, New York

9–10, 13–17 July

And It Came to Pass

Oakland, California

20–24, 27–31 July

Castle Valley

Castle Dale, Utah

29–31 July, 3–7 August

City of Joseph

Nauvoo, Illinois

30–31 July, 3–7 August

Martin Harris, the Man Who Knew

Clarkston, Utah

13–14, 17–21, 24–27 August

All pageants are free of charge, but the Clarkston and Oakland pageants require tickets. This is the final year of the Nauvoo pageant. For more information on any of these pageants, call 1-801-240-7800 or visit www.lds.org and click on “Other Resources,” then “Places to Visit.”