Scriptures on the Go

    “Scriptures on the Go,” Ensign, July 2000, 73

    Scriptures on the Go

    Because I often find myself in the car taking my children to various places, I decided to find a way to use our time together constructively. One idea that has worked well for us is to memorize scriptures regularly.

    Using index cards, we write one scripture verse on each card. Some of these are found in the Friend magazine or the year’s Primary sacrament meeting program. We keep the cards in our glove compartment in the car, along with a tape dispenser. While I keep my eyes on the road, one of the children tapes a card to the dashboard and reads it aloud to the rest of us. We say it together until we have it memorized.

    This activity helps keep the children busy during our driving time and leaves them with positive thoughts for the day.—Linda Sulzen, Midvale Fifth Ward, Midvale Utah Stake