American Red Cross President Tours Welfare Facilities

    “American Red Cross President Tours Welfare Facilities,” Ensign, July 2000, 78

    American Red Cross President Tours Welfare Facilities

    American Red Cross president Dr. Bernadine Healey toured Church welfare facilities and met with the First Presidency and the general Relief Society presidency during a recent visit to Salt Lake City.

    Mary Ellen Smoot, Relief Society general president, and Virginia U. Jensen, first counselor, hosted Dr. Healey during her tour of the Church Humanitarian Center and Welfare Square.

    “I’ve been extraordinarily impressed with the humanitarian relief activities of the LDS Church,” Dr. Healey said during her visit. “They are working in the same places we work, and we share overlapping priorities and values. We both have faith that you can care for people and give them dignity at the same time as you help them get back on their feet.”

    The American Red Cross and the Church have cooperated on several projects throughout the world, helping disaster-stricken communities. The two organizations are currently collaborating, along with others, to provide food to people who are starving in Ethiopia as a result of drought.