Church to Restore Historic Landmarks in Kirtland

    “Church to Restore Historic Landmarks in Kirtland,” Ensign, July 2000, 78

    Church to Restore Historic Landmarks in Kirtland

    The Church recently announced plans to expand visitor facilities and rebuild and restore several landmarks in Kirtland, Ohio—Church headquarters from 1831 to 1837.

    The project will include the rebuilding of the John Johnson inn; the restoration of the Newel K. Whitney home and an early schoolhouse, tannery, and ashery; and the construction of a new visitors’ center, which will resemble a 19th-century gristmill on the exterior but include within three small theaters, a Family History Center, and a resource room. The structures will be located on an 18-acre tract.

    A Kirtland road construction project will route traffic around some of the sites to prevent danger to pedestrians. Work on the project will begin early next year; completion is planned for 2003.

    Map of Kirtland

    Restoration plans in Kirtland include the John Johnson inn, the Newel K. Whitney home, a new visitors’ center, and a schoolhouse, tannery, and ashery. The Whitney store was restored earlier. (Map by Tom Child.)