Faith Sustains Police Officer

    “Faith Sustains Police Officer,” Ensign, July 2000, 69

    Faith Sustains Police Officer

    During his 28 years of service with the Los Angeles Police Department, Stephen D. Kehoe received more than 75 commendations and letters of appreciation, including the Medal of Valor. On one occasion during his career as a motor officer, he was involved in a running gun battle and was shot twice while successfully saving a 12-year-old girl taken hostage by a robbery suspect.

    Brother Kehoe, who has learned that faith gives people courage to face the difficulties of life, was converted as a youth at age 14 in Medford, Oregon.

    His family was later stationed with the army in France, where he graduated from Orleans American High School. He went on to attend Brigham Young University on a football scholarship. Knee surgery ended his football career, and he moved to Seattle, where he met Candis Wallis. The two were married in 1966 in the Los Angeles California Temple. The couple spent the next four years with the army, where Brother Kehoe served as a military police captain. After leaving the army, he worked as a private investigator in San Diego before joining the LAPD.

    During the years Brother Kehoe worked as a peace officer, he seriously studied the gospel. “In a career field that statistically leads in divorces and suicides and is near the top in stress, I credit the survival of my marriage and family to the principles taught by the gospel,” he says.

    He feels the Lord has healed him on several occasions. He was shot one Friday night while on duty, and the next morning he had surgery to remove the bullet, then went home on Sunday. Another time he was poisoned. After initial test readings indicated a toxic level 14 times normal and instructions to be immediately hospitalized, his sons gave him a priesthood blessing. Forty-five minutes later the doctor sent him home.

    “Seeking out our spiritual gifts and acting on them with faith is part of our heritage as Latter-day Saints,” says Brother Kehoe, who has been grateful for the Lord’s hand in saving his life.

    The Kehoes have four grown children. Brother Kehoe is a member of the Mission Viejo First Ward, Mission Viejo California Stake.