Scripture Chases for Children
September 1999

“Scripture Chases for Children,” Ensign, Sept. 1999, 73

Scripture Chases for Children

We often include a scripture chase as part of our Sunday gospel time or Monday family home evening. To meet the needs of our children at differing ages, we have found it helpful to vary our format. Each child has either a missionary edition of the Book of Mormon (hardcover, item no. 30922, $2.00 U.S.; softcover, 30923, $1.50) or the illustrated Book of Mormon Stories (35666, $2.25) designed for basic readers. Then we do one or more of the following fun activities.

Picture chase. Call out the subject of one of the pictures and see who can find it first in the Book of Mormon.

Book chase. Tell the children the name of one of the books of the Book of Mormon and let them find it.

Verse chase. Read a verse and see who can find the correct reference.

Situation chase. Refer to a story or situation found in the scriptures and let the children search for it.

Idea chase. Ask the children where they can find words of the prophets about certain subjects, such as baptism, the Atonement, or forgiveness. Allow them to use the index if they are stumped.

While our children were young, we used only the Book of Mormon, but as they grew we began including the other standard works as well. We have been surprised to see how rapidly our children have become familiar with the stories and people of the scriptures.—Karen F. Church, Pleasant Grove, Utah