Life’s Tapestry

    “Life’s Tapestry,” Ensign, Sept. 1999, 58

    Life’s Tapestry

    We hold life’s tapestry within our hands,

    Each trying to discern its weave and hue;

    With faith we reach for premortal strands

    And interlace the old with cords of new.

    God has pulled the warp threads strong and tight

    To help our unskilled fingers feel the way;

    He lets us choose the patterns that are right

    And guides the shuttle as we work each day.

    He’ll walk beside us as design takes form

    On this mortal loom, and He’ll inspire

    The colors that endure both sun and storm

    And keep their beauty through last-day fire.

    These threads we interweave by earthly sight

    Will pick up glory in eternal light.

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