September 1999

“Comment,” Ensign, Sept. 1999, 80


Mormon Journals

Thank you with all my heart for the Mormon Journal articles. Although I read each month’s issue from cover to cover, it is Mormon Journal that touches my heart the deepest and brings tears of joy as the Spirit confirms the testimonies of others who share their faith-promoting experiences. The Mormon Journal section is always the first section I turn to each month as I eagerly receive the Ensign and other Church magazines.

Larry D. Kump
Falling Waters, West Virginia

“Our Blessings Came—After the Trials”

As I was fingering through the October 1998 Ensign, I came across “Our Blessings Came—After the Trials.” This short article seemed to have a profound effect upon my life.

I am in my first year of college, and the trials in my life have been piling up. Through the challenges of endless hours of homework, my house-cleaning job, and trying to be happy at home, I could sense my rapid decline of spirit and felt that my life was slipping. My grades were lowering, and I began to lose my focus. I became frustrated and wanted all of the hardships that I faced to disappear.

Like the author, I too kept the counsel of my patriarchal blessing close; when I become frustrated by the world, I am to pray to Heavenly Father and read the scriptures. This counsel gave me comfort in my time of difficulty. It was then that I read the story of the author’s trials and how she persevered through it all. Her words gave me comfort and reassurance that I too could make it through.

Meg Robins
Eden, Utah