Writing Our Family Journal

    “Writing Our Family Journal,” Ensign, Apr. 1998, 72

    Writing Our Family Journal

    To help our children develop better reading and writing skills, we decided to devote a few minutes to a writing project each week during family home evening. I gave the children snapshots of a past family event and asked them to write whatever they remembered about the event, then read it aloud to the family.

    Often we would pass the photos to a new person the following week and get their perspective of the same event. Not only did we get a different point of view, but by saving the stories we have been able to keep a journal for our personal family history.

    This activity has brought our family closer together as we have shared memories of past times. Now we keep a camera on hand wherever we go, and our family home evenings seem filled with more “family” than ever before.—Donna-Jean Wilson, Alturas, California