Enjoying the Scriptures Together
April 1998

“Enjoying the Scriptures Together,” Ensign, Apr. 1998, 72

Enjoying the Scriptures Together

In this era of scripture storybooks, cassette tapes, videocassettes, and compact discs, parents may find it a challenge to interest children in reading the actual scriptures. The following activities helped our children, now grown up, to enjoy and learn from these sacred books:

  • We posted verses of scripture where they could easily be seen, most coming from the seminary memorization list. Each night before dinner we read a verse in unison, and by the end of the week, even the younger children could often recite it from memory. And didn’t their eyes light up when one of “our scriptures” was quoted in a talk!

  • We assigned each family member to read certain scriptural verses during the week. On Sunday evenings we gathered with pillows on the floor and took turns sharing the stories, often with the lights out. Occasionally we assigned sequential stories to provide an overview of a subject or a seasonal event.

  • At dinnertime we took turns reading verses from the Book of Mormon before blessing the food. In this way we gradually progressed through the book.

  • Occasionally we asked the children to read or recite one of their favorite scriptures at home evening, encouraging them to think of the scriptures as personal.

  • When our children were assigned talks, we helped them check the Topical Guide to select a key scripture. They underlined the passage and memorized it to recite as part of the talk.

Family scripture reading can be a challenge, especially with young children. By varying the approach yet holding to the goal of reading daily from the scriptures, we continue to enjoy time together in warmhearted scriptural traditions.—Jeanine Franson, Farmington, Maine

Illustrated by Beth M. Whittaker