President Hinckley Addresses Regional Conferences
April 1998

“President Hinckley Addresses Regional Conferences,” Ensign, Apr. 1998, 75

President Hinckley Addresses Regional Conferences

Continuing his efforts to minister among members, President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke to several groups in Utah in January and February. He addressed regional conferences of members from Woods Cross, Sandy, and Holladay, Utah, all of whom gathered in the Tabernacle on Temple Square. President Hinckley also addressed the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Installation and Awards Banquet at the Dixie Center in St. George, Utah.

Regional Conferences

Speaking on Sunday, 11 January, to about 7,200 members from stakes in Woods Cross and North Salt Lake, Utah, President Hinckley said: “What does the Lord expect of us as members of His divine Church? He expects us, as those who have taken upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ, to walk in His ways, to do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to go the second mile, to learn and observe the lesson of the prodigal son and all of the other wonderful parables of the Bible, which stand as great lessons to us. He expects us as His children to reach out to those around us, not only members of the Church but others. … As sure and as certain as the sunrise in the morning, we Latter-day Saints and members of this great Church of the Lord should reach out in a spirit of neighborliness and helpfulness.”

Speaking on 25 January in morning and afternoon sessions to nearly 11,000 members gathered from seven Sandy, Utah, stakes, President Hinckley said: “Do you ever get on your knees and thank the Lord with great depth of gratitude that He has permitted you to come to earth in this day and time as a part of this great chosen generation? What a wonderful time it is to be alive. I know you have problems. … You worry about your children. You worry about your health. You worry about all of these things, I know. But, oh, what a marvelous time it is to be alive, in this the dispensation of the fulness of times, when the God of heaven has revealed Himself, with His Beloved Son.”

Discussing how members treat each other, President Hinckley said: “May you have peace in your homes and love in your homes and kindness in your homes and respect for one another in your homes, looking out for each other as brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers, being kind under all circumstances. It isn’t the big things, the big doctrinal things that we fail in so much as the little things in our manner toward one another. … I hope there will be nothing of self-righteousness among us. I hope there will be nothing of arrogance among us. I hope there will be nothing of egotism among us. I hope, rather, that we will be looked upon as a good and a kind and a generous and wonderful people because that is what we must be if we are true Latter-day Saints.”

President Hinckley addressed nearly 7,000 members from the Holladay, Utah, region on 8 February. He reemphasized the need to avoid the sins of our time—such sins as sexual immorality, drugs, pornography, profanity, and abuse of spouse or children. He highlighted the blessings, opportunities, and responsibilities of marriage and parenthood and reiterated the basic principles of paying tithing, holding family home evening, keeping the Sabbath day holy, and living the Word of Wisdom. He also reminded members about the Church’s new emphasis on reaching out to new converts and helping them stay active and involved.

St. George Area Chamber of Commerce

Addressing about 750 people on 20 January at the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Installation and Awards Banquet, President Hinckley elaborated on several statements about the impact of gospel teachings in his life: “I believe in the wonders of the human body and the miracle of the human mind.” “I believe in beauty.” “I believe in the necessity of work.” “I believe that honesty is still the best policy.” “I believe in the obligation and blessing of service.” “I believe the family to be the basic and most important unit of society.” “I believe in the principle of thrift.” “I believe in my capacity and in your capacity to do good.” “I believe in God, my Eternal Father, and in Jesus Christ, my Lord.”

Paying tribute to the pioneer forefathers of the St. George area, President Hinckley said: “I hope you can continue to cultivate the great spirit of volunteerism which has characterized this community from its pioneer beginnings. Those who laid the foundations of St. George and its sister communities knew that if they were to eat they had to grow it. If their farms were to produce, they had to work together to dam the Virgin River and build canals. No man could do it alone. They had to work unitedly if they were to survive.”

President Hinckley is greeted at the podium during a Chamber of Commerce banquet in St. George, Utah. (Photo by Frank H. Carter.)