Our Missionary Wall
April 1998

“Our Missionary Wall,” Ensign, Apr. 1998, 70

Our Missionary Wall

In our home we have designated a “missionary wall” to keep the goal of missionary service before our six sons. We hung a picture of the Savior, then put up a poster of two missionaries walking down a street. We also hung a photograph of a temple on the wall to remind our children that they will go to the temple before they enter the mission field.

With that beginning we have added a number of interesting items that various family members have brought back from their missions. The collection begins with my husband’s name tag from his mission to Spain and includes chopsticks from an uncle’s mission to Japan, a wall hanging from Venezuela, and a set of salt and pepper shakers from Scotland, among other things. Our sons have also written letters to cousins and ward members serving on missions, requesting postcards; we anxiously await adding them to our wall. We hope our missionary wall will help our sons to set goals to one day serve missions.—Marlene R. Ellingson, Mesa, Arizona