Primarily Teaching
January 1994

“Primarily Teaching,” Ensign, Jan. 1994, 67

Primarily Teaching

Robin Lenora Diller of the Columbus Fifth Ward, Columbus Ohio East Stake, frequently observes the young men administering and passing the sacrament, and she is pleased to note that most of them were members of her CTR class years ago. “I remember my early days of teaching the children as if it were yesterday,” she reminisces.

Sister Diller has taught the CTRs for seventeen years, despite her poor health. Robin is the kind of teacher who knows how to add flair to a lesson. For example, when her failing eyesight required her to wear a patch temporarily, she decorated the eye patch colorfully to match the seasons. On St. Patrick’s Day, she put a bold green shamrock on her patch, and the children loved it. She had worried that the patch might cause undue concern for her among the children, but it turned out to be just another Sister Diller delight.

She says, “The Lord provides a way for us, and I just serve the way everyone else does—the best way I know how.”—Pauline Morello, Gahanna, Ohio