In the Spotlight
January 1994

“In the Spotlight,” Ensign, Jan. 1994, 68–69

In the Spotlight

  • Charlotte Warr Andersen, a member of the Kearns Seventh Ward, Kearns Utah South Stake, won first place in the International Competition for Quilt Makers held in the spring of 1993 in Paducah, Kentucky. Her quilt, which incorporated traditional quilt blocks as well as sections of original design, was created for the Relief Society sesquicentennial and was displayed at the entrance of the sesquicentennial exhibit in the Museum of Church History and Art in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • In March 1993, Ray Close, from the Rosetta Ward, Belfast Northern Ireland Stake, won the European super-middleweight boxing title.

  • Judge Bode Vale serves as the lead judge over the juvenile division of the Family Court of the First Circuit, State of Hawaii. He is the first Samoan to serve as a judge in Hawaii. Brother Vale serves as a high councilor in the Honolulu Hawaii Stake.

  • Larry D. Kump, a member of the Martinsburg Ward, Winchester Virginia Stake and a registered labor lobbyist, has made significant contributions for union members in both Indiana and Maryland. He has become a watchdog of ethics in government.