January 1994

“Bravo!” Ensign, Jan. 1994, 68–69


Patrick Biggs never tires of singing, though his body may become weary. Confined to a wheelchair since 1982 with multiple sclerosis and degenerative arthritis, Patrick, with his wit and warmth dancing round him constantly, tells jokes, snaps one-liners, and engages in lively repartee with everyone he meets.

He may seem to be a born comic, but his greatest fondness is for singing. A dramatic tenor, he has appeared on radio and TV many times and has sung in numerous concerts and stage productions, including singing for eleven years with the San Diego Opera Company. Because his physical problems keep Patrick from performing as much as he would like, he supplements his income by working with computers.

“I’m not bitter about my disease,” says Patrick, a member of the San Diego Twelfth Ward, San Diego California North Stake. “The Lord has given me some absolutely wonderful blessings. He has honestly and truly answered my prayers regarding this. And with that knowledge comes a wonderful peace from within that keeps me going day to day.”

Patrick, who is proud of his Irish heritage, has been an integral part of the annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities in San Diego for more than a decade. He is featured in the flag-raising ceremony, where he sings “The Star Spangled Banner” in English and the Irish national anthem in Gaelic, the traditional language of Ireland.

Three years ago, Patrick received an added thrill when the Irish Congress of San Diego proclaimed him the 1991 San Diego Man of the Year. Patrick was honored at a breakfast and rode in the eleventh annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.—Robert McGraw, San Diego, California

Photo by Robert McGraw