New Young Women Camp Manual Produced
May 1993

“New Young Women Camp Manual Produced,” Ensign, May 1993, 105

New Young Women Camp Manual Produced

To make a camping experience feasible for young women all over the world, a new camp manual for Young Women has been produced for the Church. The new manual is written to meet today’s needs, according to the Young Women general presidency.

The manual, based on the scriptures and gospel principles, is “exactly what we need,” said Janette C. Hales, Young Women general president. “Camp has many purposes, but having young women draw closer to Heavenly Father and love him more is the most important. Camp is a wonderful place for youth to gain a greater appreciation for Heavenly Father’s creations.”

The following is a list of changes in the new manual:

International flavor. Certification requirements have been written to apply in every setting, regardless of climate or terrain. Nature insights from around the world are included.

  • Certification now reflects the values of the current Young Women program.

  • Adult leaders are encouraged to complete the new requirements, but they are not required to do so before they conduct a Young Women camp or certify other campers.

  • Young women may work on the same certification level as others their same age. Those who want to certify for past levels are allowed to do so, however, and individuals may work on more than one level of certification at one time.

  • A Youth Camp Leader program for young women ages sixteen and seventeen has been included. Young women can serve as youth camp leaders without previous camp experience.

  • Campers will receive a certificate as they complete each level, with the option of receiving the camper award upon completion of four years’ certification.

There are other sections new to the manual that focus on problem solving, nature awareness, food and nutrition, friendship activities and games, and guidelines for involving campers with disabilities.

The new manual replaces the Camp Manual and the Young Women Campcrafter Certification Manual and can be ordered through Church distribution centers.