New LDS Radio Network
May 1993

“New LDS Radio Network,” Ensign, May 1993, 100

New LDS Radio Network

Radio listeners in the United States, Canada, and parts of Central America can now listen to Church-related programming twenty-four hours a day.

Bonneville International Corporation has launched the new radio network, which can be received in one of three ways: via C-Band satellite dish and tuner, through FM subcarrier signal, or through basic cable.

Programming on the network includes addresses from sessions of past general conferences, rebroadcasts of Brigham Young University devotionals, readings from the Book of Mormon, news of the Church, and LDS worship service. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s weekly “Music and the Spoken Word” is also broadcast. In addition, programming that is not religious in nature but may be of interest to an LDS audience is broadcast; such programs include coverage of some BYU sports events.

For more information, call (801) 575-7663.