One Memory at a Time

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“One Memory at a Time,” Ensign, Sept. 1992, 62

One Memory at a Time

“I will have to put that in my life story,” I used to think whenever I had a memorable experience. But it seemed I could never follow through on my good intentions; every time I tried to write about my life in an organized fashion, I ended up frustrated.

Then I was inspired to simply write down my memories as they come. When something triggers a special remembrance, I make a note to include it in my “Memory Book”. Sometimes it is several days before I have time to actually record the experience, but I have found that it usually makes it to the written page.

My book includes stories of my childhood, my family, and days that have brought me joy. I have also added remembrances from my husband and children. The length of my entries ranges from one sentence to more than a page.

I plan one day to organize my book chronologically. But for now, I am preserving memories I would never have thought to include in my life story, and I have a journal of sorts as well.—Bernice Pratt, American Fork, Utah

Photography by Phil Shurtleff