Elder F. David Stanley Of the Seventy

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“Elder F. David Stanley Of the Seventy,” Ensign, Sept. 1992, 78

Elder F. David Stanley

Of the Seventy

Elder F. David Stanley

Elder F. David Stanley, recently called to the Second Quorum of the Seventy, was born 11 September 1935 and reared in what he calls a “blue collar neighborhood,” surrounded by the people of the Salt Lake Pioneer Stake. From them and from his father, a mechanic, David learned the importance of working hard and excelling in any assigned task.

“They were tremendous, hardworking—people of fine integrity. I learned from them that you get the job done and you get it done right,” Elder Stanley recalls. “I learned from them that you get the job done and you get it done right.”

Elder Stanley says that his neighbors also had an impact on his developing testimony.

“I had an Aaronic Priesthood adviser who was a spiritual giant,” Elder Stanley says. “I still remember my feelings as I listened to his powerful lessons. It was the first time in my life I remember focusing in on the Spirit, and I thank God for that man.”

Elder Stanley credits these examples with helping him attain the strong spiritual foundation that has been vital to his success in Church callings—especially as a young bishop of an older ward.

“I was 26, but most of the members were older,” remarks Elder Stanley. “But I had learned that when you’re given an assignment, you just jump in and do it.”

Elder Stanley has had plenty of opportunities to jump in and serve. He has worked in ward, stake, and general Young Men organizations. He has been a stake president, a regional representative, and a sealer in the Salt Lake Temple. At the time of his call, he was serving as president of the Idaho Boise Mission.

Elder Stanley attended the University of Utah, studying business and education. On 29 June 1956 he married Annette Shewell. The couple have eight grown children.

In his professional life, Elder Stanley has remained active in his community. He has worked as vice-chair on the Salt Lake City Planning and Zoning Commission, a member of the Murray City Chamber of Commerce, and vice-president of operations for Western Utility Contracting.