Elder Augusto A. Lim Of the Seventy

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“Elder Augusto A. Lim Of the Seventy,” Ensign, Sept. 1992, 77

Elder Augusto A. Lim

Of the Seventy

Elder Augusto A. Lim

Years ago, it was the Book of Mormon that prompted Augusto A. Lim, who was recently called as a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy, to join the Church. He’d been listening to the discussions for nine months, and the missionaries had challenged him one last time to be baptized.

“I believed the principles of the Church, but I found it difficult to accept that Joseph Smith was a prophet,” he explained. “I hadn’t really read the Book of Mormon up to that point, so I finally decided to follow the admonition of Mormon and read the book seriously. Things started opening up, and the Spirit was leading me to understand; I didn’t want to stop reading.

“I realized I had to be baptized, so I called up the missionaries and told them I was finally ready.”

Elder Lim was baptized in October 1964, and his wife, Myrna Garcia Morillo, was baptized a month later. Since that time, he has served as branch president (five times), stake president (three times), mission president, and regional representative. The Lims have eight children.

Elder Lim had been well prepared for his life of service. Born 4 May 1934 in Santa Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines, “I was raised by goodly parents who taught me righteous principles,” he explains. “Even though they weren’t members of the Church, they lived the lives of latter-day saints.”

A practicing lawyer for the last three decades, Elder Lim resigned from prestigious government and private jobs because the jobs did not allow time to fulfill Church responsibilities.

“I have sacrificed for my membership in the Church,” he acknowledges, “but I have gained peace of mind. This life is but a small moment when you consider the eternities before us. If we continue to valiantly endure and choose righteousness, our reward will be eternal life in the mansions of our Heavenly Father.”