Area Presidencies Announced

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“Area Presidencies Announced,” Ensign, Sept. 1992, 80

Area Presidencies Announced

The First Presidency has announced General Authority area presidency assignments. The appointments are effective August 15, and all members of the presidencies are members of the Quorums of the Seventy. (Presidents are listed first, with counselors following.)

North America Central—H. Burke Peterson, Hartman Rector, Jr., and Graham W. Doxey

North America West—John H. Groberg, Jack H Goaslind, and Jacob de Jager

North America Northeast—Cree-L Kofford, Yoshihiko Kikuchi, and Durrel A. Woolsey

North America Northwest—Joe J. Christensen, Robert E. Wells, and Merlin R. Lybbert

North America Southeast—Alexander B. Morrison, Stephen D. Nadauld, and L. Lionel Kendrick

North America Southwest—W. Mack Lawrence, Gene R. Cook, and Gerald E. Melchin

Utah North—Marlin K. Jensen, F. Enzio Busche, and Merrill J. Bateman

Utah Central—Loren C. Dunn, Lloyd P. George, and John E. Fowler

Utah South—Malcolm S. Jeppsen, Albert Choules, Jr., and David E. Sorensen

Asia—Monte J. Brough, John K. Carmack, and Tai Kwok Yuen

Asia North—W. Eugene Hansen, Han In Sang, and Sam K. Shimabukuro

Africa—Richard P. Lindsay, J Ballard Washburn, and Earl C. Tingey

Europe—Hans B. Ringger, Dennis B. Neuenschwander, and Robert K. Dellenbach

Europe/Mediterranean—Spencer J. Condie, LeGrand R. Curtis, and Joseph C. Muren

Europe North—Jeffrey R. Holland, Kenneth Johnson, and Hugh W. Pinnock

Pacific—Rulon G. Craven, Robert E. Sackley, and Lowell D. Wood

Philippines/Micronesia—Vaughn J. Featherstone, Ben B. Banks, and Augusto A. Lim

Mexico North—Angel Abrea, Jorge A. Rojas, and John M. Madsen

Mexico South—F. Burton Howard, F. Melvin Hammond, and Lino Alvarez

Central America—Ted E. Brewerton, Carlos H. Amado, and Jay E. Jensen

South America North—William R. Bradford, Julio E. Dávila, and Eduardo Ayala

South America South—Lynn A. Mickelsen, Horacio A. Tenorio, and John B. Dickson

Brazil—Harold G. Hillam, Helvécio Martins, and Dallas N. Archibald